Want to Improve Your Home Now?

Imagine this- you buy a home that you love. It’s one of the best days of your life and you cherish every part of that home.  Months or years pass and you start to realize there are actually things about the house that you don’t love anymore. They might just not work for your changing… Read more »

Ready for A Stunning New Look?

Even the most fantastic, gorgeous building can use a new look or update every once in a while. The best way to achieve that change is through interior or exterior remodeling work. You can keep the things about your building that you love and modify the things you don’t so you’re closer to owning the… Read more »

Struggling to Deal With Wood Rot?

Wood rot is one of those problems that are often not on a homeowner’s radar until it’s too late.  It happens when moisture accumulates in the wood (especially of your window frames or doors) and fungi start to cause decay. Bugs can also contribute to wood rot, making the issue more troublesome.  The longer the… Read more »

Interested in A Bold New Look?

Every so often, you probably like to change up your personal aesthetic. Maybe your style has shifted or maybe you just want to try something new, it doesn’t matter. Adapting a new look can feel great and it seems to be a well-kept secret that the principle doesn’t just apply to how you dress or… Read more »

Ready to Spruce Up Your Building’s Interior?

The inside of your home and place of business are probably the two places you spend the most time. Wouldn’t it be nice if they looked beautiful, like something straight out of a home magazine? While it might not be possible to get the latest, greatest modern art piece to spruce up the interior of… Read more »

Interested in Transforming Your Business?

paint brush

Some people say that appearances aren’t everything. That’s true but appearances are still awfully important, especially for businesses. Picture this: you’re walking down the road, looking for a store that sells flowers. As it turns out, you happen upon two florists right next to each other. One of the shops has beautiful green siding and… Read more »