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Craving Dazzling Windows?

If you think about the parts on the outside of your home that stand out to you, the windows probably aren’t the first things that come to mind. Even so, the windows make a huge difference in any building, both aesthetically and functionally.  Ugly, old windows can bring down a building, fast. For home or… Read more »

Are Your Windows Begging to Be Replaced?

There aren’t many things that can make a building look worse than old and unattractive windows.  Not only that, bad windows can cost you a fortune in electric bills since the heat or cold air you’re using to keep the building comfortable just slips out of them.  The solution is to hire a professional who… Read more »

Struggling to Deal With Wood Rot?

Wood rot is one of those problems that are often not on a homeowner’s radar until it’s too late.  It happens when moisture accumulates in the wood (especially of your window frames or doors) and fungi start to cause decay. Bugs can also contribute to wood rot, making the issue more troublesome.  The longer the… Read more »